“There is just a tremendous amount of craftsmanship in between a great idea and a great product” Steve Jobs


It seems it has been more than a lifetime since a small group of architects and engineers agreed to challenge the way urban transformation was happening in Maputo, and they started to transform a simple idea into an innovative solution for inclusive development.


Most of our visitors at Casa Minha are curious. Some have said that we are provocative, others that we are crazy while the latest said that we have a lot of potential. “This could be an answer for a big number of African neighborhoods” said one Ambassador!


Are you an NGO? Who is financing you?” This is not a project. It is a movement!


What is undeniable is that the family is growing as we define our identity and while we are writing our own story through our commitment, audacity and hard work.


Today, Casa Minha Nosso Bairro has become a community of Maputo citizens that share the dream of making Polana Caniço the reference for a sustainable lifestyle, affordable, walkable, in the midst of a mixed neighborhood, at human scale.


And there are more and more people pushing us and who want Casa Minha to succeed.


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