The Casa Minha model fits squarely within the approved Partial Urbanization Plan (PPU) of Polana Caniço approved by the Maputo City Council in April 2015. The project area is zoned for residential housing.


At present, the project area is populated by shoddily built homes constructed with sub-standard materials.  Most have tin roofs that are generally not well secured few have internal bathrooms.  There are almost no two-storey homes in the neighborhood so despite its proximity to the city, it is quite sparsely populated.  Since people build what they can given the means they have available, there is no coherent planning or public spaces in the neighborhood.


Casa Minha will change all of this by building high quality, 2-3-storey homes in an phased and incremental manner without displacing anyone.  Any family living in the project area that would like to participate, can do so.

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Maputo, area of project Casa Minha
area do PPU, Polana Caniço A
Casa Minha Nosso Bairro, pilot house
PPU Abril 2016

PHASE I - Demonstration

The first phase of the Casa Minha project will construct 20 homes in a geographically contiguous area as a demonstration of the transformative impact of well designed homes on the living standards of a community.

In order to maximize the transformative impact of the Casa Minha project, it will be necessary to build homes that are near each other in sufficient numbers so that residents  can understand and experience the impact that having well designed homes and streets can have upon living standards.

The first 7 homes were completed by mid 2018 and another 7 are under construction in 2019. The plan is to have 20 homes in the same geographic area completed by end of 2019.  There is already intense interest from other residents in the neighborhood to participate.

As the first 20 homes are completed, the Casa Minha team works closely with the municipality and community leaders to identify communal spaces that can be reserved for public services such as crèches, parks, sports fields and markets in order to integrate those essential spaces into the architecture of the changing neighbourhood. As residents choose to participate in the project, there may also be a desire to incorporate storefront commercial spaces into their homes, and that is certainly a part of what the Casa Minha team anticipates accommodating.

PHASE II - Scaling

After two years of activities Casa Minha is in position to comfortably construct at a pace of 20 houses every year. This should allow to cover running costs with no need of external financial inputs. Casa Minha wishes to explore financial solutions to support its targeted population: young urban middle class.

Casa Minha will continuously optimize design and construction methods that will bring additional value to the project. The local contractors Casa Minha will work with will gain experience, improve quality and increase efficiency in such a way as to make them significantly more competitive in the construction market.

The project will have real-time and detailed field data to study and disseminate so as to be in a position to expand the model to other cities and integrate them in public policies.



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area do PPU, Polana Caniço A

Area of the PPU Polana Caniço A and area of the project Casa Minha Nosso Bairro