Casa Minha will transform Polana Caniço A without displacing anyone. 

As opposed to pushing residents to the peripheries of the city, as has been the case in so many growing cities, Casa Minha guarantees them a new home in their neighborhood and the opportunity to participate actively in the growth and prosperity that accompanies proximity to the city.



Casa Minha will transform exisiting residents' lives.  By replacing their ramshackle homes with a well designed modern home, constructed with local materials and built by local contractors, Casa Minha will radically change the quality of living conditions that most people in Polana Caniço currently endure.


Through smart design, local sourcing of materials and employing local labor Casa Minha is able to offer homes for a price that is well below market value.


TILED ROOF for better insulation


air circulation 

TERRACE, possibility to expand the house

private PATIO

WATER collection

Increased street width by approximately 1 meter 



Casa Minha applies the principle of land value capture as a core tenet of its business model. By assigning real value to the land the resident currently lives on, Casa Minha allows the less fortunate to benefit, financially and materially from the land they occupy.


Our model assigns a land value that is approximately equivalent to the construction cost of the unit that is to be build for the resident.  The sales of the units can finance the construction of all units, be it for investors or for residentes. Who invests with us are at the same time helping the current residents of Polana Caniço.


In our preferred growth scenario the model reaches sustainability after year three.

Casa Minha will also explore financing solutions with residents and credit institutions to offer a right of first refusal to purchase the second home built on their original plot.

neighbourhood population

land plot

land plot

land plot





Casa Minha's architectural design is flexible, modular and anticipates multiple design solutions to adapt the standard house to the varying needs of the Mozambican urban family.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4



Casa Minha re-imagines the future of Polana Caniço and strives to achieve a long-term vision of the neighbourhood through the exercise of inverse urban planning.

By partnering with the communities and the municipality Casa Minha will be in a position to propose the rehabilitation and urbanization of streets while also creating new spaces for social use and economic activities.


Step 2

Step 1




Earning the trust and engagement of the community is essential.

Urban residents in poor neighborhoods are inherently suspicious of novel developments given previous experience with real estate developers who offer low reimbursement rates and exercise political clout to displace residents from areas that they would like to develop.


The principal of non-displacement and economic inclusion are at the core of Casa Minha's mission. That is why residents are so eager to be part of the project.

sketch for a polifunctional space in the bairro