Through smart design, local sourcing of materials and employing local labor Casa Minha is able to offer homes for a price that is well below current market offer. 

Casa Minha is at the forefront of a new market category targeting young urban middle class looking for a first housing investment.

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​Casa Minha's architectural design is flexible and anticipates multiple design solutions to adapt the standard house to the varying needs of the Mozambican urban family.

Starting at a 65 sqm double bedroom house, Casa Minha offers customized service and advice to early adopters. Our proposal includes 3 base models already tested and 2 personalised solutions.

If you are looking for impactful projects and/or low risk returns you might prefer to invest in our guest house model offering 6 student rooms and 2 mini apartments within ten minutes walk from University Eduardo Mondlane.


​Casa Minha designs and builds modular houses adaptable to the different needs of the occupants and allowing for extension in the future.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4