Do you live in the project area and want to join?

Do you want to Invest?

Are you an institution or foundation willing to support the project?


Do you live in the project area and want to join?

Since the first campaign about the project between December 2016 and January 2017 in block 31, Casa Minha has realized activities in the neighbourhood to divulge the proposal and revise the base of resident partners in approximately every 6 months.


Local leaders are well informed about the process and can be contacted so that our team can include you in the next set of enquiries and set aside time to personally describe the project and the benefits, conditions and obligations of participation for prospective Casa Minha house owners.


Do you want to invest?


the buyer prospectus

Casa Minha seeks investment from various sources and aims to build up a heterogenous base of finance combining future residents, impact investors, crowdfunding and long term investors.

We are constantly approaching potential investors and young mozambicans interested in purchasing one of our houses. Having left our start-up phase and entering the scaling phase we are currently preparing our fourth phase which will oversee the construction of 12-15 houses starting in May/June 2020.


For non-residents interested in purchasing a home in Polana Caniço, Casa Minha’s location, price point and building quality is superior to anything else in the market. Our fourth round of investment is targeting impact investors – corporate or individuals - willing to join us to prepare the project for scaling it up. 


one of our proposals


Are you an institution or foundation willing to support the project?

We believe Casa Minha project is more than a housing project and is capable to serve as platform for other economic, social and developmental projects.


While formulating our project we have come across many models of urban improvement and innovative ideas that fit squarely within the broad objective of improving the lives of the urban poor. Casa Minha could serve as an anchor for scaling up of these models and realizing these ideas in the context of an urban environment already in transformation. 


Do you know that 100 m from our pilot house is the biggest distribution center for charcoal of Polana Caniço? Do you want to partner with us to introduce alternative cooking solutions?


Maybe you are willing to support our ideas by sponsoring some public space that will bring value to the Bairro, its people and your brand?


Interested in vocational training, support to artisan activities, small construction sector, support to small and medium enterprises, transforming the informal into formal? – we are interested in talking to you.

We understand that any urban development project must carefully manage expectations while continuing to push boundaries and bring as much value to residents as possible. To do so, we are going to need support to make the transformation of the neighborhood a success.


Last but not least, there is also a lot of testing and developing a transformative urban model in Casa Minha Nosso Bairro. We are willing to inform and influence national urban and housing policies that are getting more and more attention since UN’s new urban agenda. Do you want to partner with us challenging our ideas and helping us to disseminate our experience?


If any of these opportunities appeal to you or you have other ideas, please contact us and we will be happy to explore them together.