PHASE I - Demonstration

The first phase of the Casa Minha project saw the construction of 7 homes completed by mid 2018 in a geographically contiguous area as a demonstration of the transformative impact of well designed homes on the living standards of a community.

In order to maximize the transformative impact of the Casa Minha project, it will be necessary to build homes that are near each other in sufficient numbers so that residents  can understand and experience the impact that having well designed homes and streets can have upon living standards.

As the first homes are completed, the Casa Minha team works closely with the municipality and community leaders to identify communal spaces that can be reserved for public services such as crèches, parks, sports fields and markets in order to integrate those essential spaces into the architecture of the changing neighbourhood. As residents choose to participate in the project, there may also be a desire to incorporate storefront commercial spaces into their homes, and that is certainly a part of what the Casa Minha team anticipates accommodating.

PHASE II - Demonstration

In Phase II Casa Minha saw the construction of 7 homes in 2019 with an estimated prediction of a total of 21 houses by May 2020 during Phase III.

After two years of activities Casa Minha is in position cover running costs with no need of external financial inputs. Casa Minha wishes to explore financial solutions to support its targeted population: young urban middle class.

Casa Minha will continuously optimize design and construction methods that will bring additional value to the project. The local contractors Casa Minha will work with will gain experience, improve quality and increase efficiency in such a way as to make them significantly more competitive in the construction market.

The project will have real-time and detailed field data to study and disseminate so as to be in a position to expand the model to other cities and integrate them in public policies.

PHASE III - Demonstration

As predicted Casa Minha has managed to construct 7 more homes by May 2020 and are seeing the delivery of such houses to two participating residents and 5 investors.


This brings the total number of houses built to 21 and shows that the company is slowly moving away from the Start -Up phase and entering the scaling phase.

Casa Minha is also experiencing a rise in project approval ratings with the community becoming more accepting and increasing project awareness.

PHASE IV - Scaling

It is estimated that within Phase IV Casa Minha will see the construction of 12-15 houses starting May/June 2020.


As well during this phase negotiations will be had with the municipality in order to expand the radius of the project within Polana Caniço.

Casa Minha will also oversee the construction and establishment of Polana Caniço's first Community Centre allowing for the proper integration of community based activities and further support of the micro-entrepreneur.